Radiant Days - Michael A. FitzGerald

What They're Saying

Favorite Books of '09--
  -Tim Fredrick, BabyGotBooks

Favorite Books of the Year-- "Limned with passages of outrageous beauty, sublime violence, and a climax you wonít soon forget.."
  -LA Weekly

"FitzGerald flawlessly and astutely mirrors the ennui and confusion of a generation..."

"...an old story, made fresh..."
  -New York Times Sunday Book Review

"It's Graham Greene for the MySpace generation. It's a requiem for a dying American superpower. It's brilliant.."
  -Chicago Center for Literature and Photography

"In many ways, Anthony's character symbolizes the face of America... a thoughtful if uncomfortable depiction of the spiritual bankruptcy of Americans. A gripping narrative that calls for self-examination, this is recommended for all collections."
  -Library Journal

"...a brilliant, archly funny, and painfully accurate book... ""
  -Hipster Book Club

"....a trenchant, unnerving portrait of a certain kind of American at a certain point in history."

"FitzGerald has crafted a gripping tale---one that speeds up as it goes along....unmistakable literary talent."
  - Missoula Independent

"FitzGerald can write, and he refuses to avert his eyes."
  - San Francisco Chronicle

"...a dark and powerful debut."
  - Seattle PI

"...captures the universal ennui of Generation X in a world saturated by war. Fitzgerald skillfully shows how it transforms landscapes of earth, flesh and spirit."

"...you wonít put it down until turning that last page. 4 Stars"
  -Dan Wickett--Emerging Writers Network

"....a brilliant job of capturing the aimless moral hunger of this generation.... moments of beautifully lucid writing."
  -NYC Downtown Express

"Anthony is guaranteed to get under a readerís skin, and his characterization seems an entirely accurate contemporary addition to the long literary tradition of American innocents abroad."

"...there are only so many pages of masturbation and drug-induced riffs one can take.."
  - Washington Post

"Radiant Days is the darkly funny and deeply unsettling story of a young man who falls down a Central European rabbit hole. It made me squirm, and I loved it."
  -Vestal McIntyre, author of You Are Not The One

"Radiant Days is a fever dream of a novel and a scathing portrait of American self-absorption, alternately rabid and indolent, and ultimately devastating."
  -Anthony Doerr, author of The Shell Collector and About Grace

"Artfully rendering violence and its aftermath, Michael FitzGerald explores the tensions and desires among three people whose flaws beckon us to judge not them but ourselves. Through his visceral depiction of human setting, he discovers unforgettable truths about war, love, and the elusiveness of redemption."
  -Elise Blackwell, author of Hunger

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