Radiant Days - Michael A. FitzGerald

Radiant Days: A Novel

One of LA Weekly's Favorite Books of the Year

"FitzGerald flawlessly and astutely mirrors the ennui and confusion of a generation..."

Frustrated by the dot-com mania of the '90s, Anthony Sinclair abandons San Francisco to follow the gorgeous but enigmatic Gisela on a search for her lost son in Hungary. In Budapest they meet a group of expats, including Marsh, a brilliant, embittered war correspondent. Anthony thinks he has found in Eastern Europe what his former life was missing: enterprising young people openly questioning U.S. values, determined to remake their own worlds. But when an odd and edgy love triangle emerges and he discovers his mission with Gisela is much darker than he imagined, Anthony is thrown deeply in flux. Moving from the tattered romanticism of Budapest, through the sparkling Dalmatian coast, and into the brutalized landscape of inland Croatia during the last days of the Balkan War, the novel takes a shocking turn of irreversible consequence.

Radiant Days is held taut in the voice of Anthony, whose desire to experience a more serious (and thrilling) life leaves injury in its wake.

With a swift plot and seamless style, Michael FitzGerald delivers a stunning debut in this story of unattainable love, misplaced lust, and the politics of compassion.

"...an old story, made fresh... with painful precision...."
  -New York Times Sunday Book Review

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